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Mighty Long Fall screen caps. Pure awesomeness! <3

Anonymous asked: hi der!!!! just wonderin, is taka's last name still morita or did he change it back to moriuchi? i think der was a pic of his warped tour card that said his name was taka moriuchi?





Hi there, yes, he did change it back. I read somewhere that he confirmed it, but I can’t recall how exactly, or where. Maybe someone here can add those details, if they remember!

He actually introduced himself as Moriuchi Takahiro in this interview from 2012. So the info was already there way before the VWT; we just failed to notice it. :D

Thanks for thw info, lyn! :)

Thanks, Lyn!!!



Yo! Police man!! Toru and his handcuff from Monster Rock Budokan DVD Release Special. Video credit to mion666. Dialog in red is by Taka and in purple is by Daisuke Han

Wow~ Torunii-san. This guy with such a calm look, having that kind of stuff (*´艸`*) As expected of wild Leader.
Moreover, “kind of guy that likes to get arrested” means… he’s a masochist? After all this time? (≧∇≦)
Ah. Sorry, this is not pervy Monday isn’t it. It’s Wetnessday, I mean Wednesday.
Oh. Apologize for any mistake ( ´∀`)

Well fuck me this just made my week. 

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"Mighty Long Fall" is the song we’ve finished first out of this single, and it’s got the strings, cool programming, and many elements mixed into it. Honestly, this song wouldn’t have been finished if we stayed in Japan. I’m glad to take (the music into) this shape because we could stuff all the things we’re seeking into the song.

—Taka, AP Japan (translated by cosmonaut2706)

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