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Taka’s father, Shinichi Mori, was nominated by Taka to do the ALS Ice-bucket Challenge :)


kawaiiii Bek can you translate what he said?

LOL. Nice shirt, おとうさん


Nominated by ONE OK ROCK Taka, I’ll challenge Ice-bucket.

I’ll try.

I’ll nominate next three persons, a journalist, Torigoe Shuntaro-san, Alteka Inc. Nomura Koichi-san, and a member of the House of Councilors, Yanagimoto Takuji-san.

I support the ALS Ice-bucket Challenge.

Thank you, Stephany!

「 ALSアイスバケッツチャレンジを支援します‼︎ 俺からの指名は、FTISLANDのホンギ、the HIATUSの細美武士くん うちの親父です‼︎ 」

video by Taka だー

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Analyzing each member (change) from Taka's viewpoint

  • Interviewer : How about analyzing each member from your viewpoint? Let's do first with Toru.
  • Taka : Toru has grown up a lot. His guitar phrase as well, might have filled with his confidence. Though he was confused, he still went there for recording and somehow could get over it. I can feel that he has established something like his own style. When he's on recording session, I wasn't there (in the studio), so when I got to listen the record, I was like, "Totally different, I guess"
  • Interviewer : You can tell by the sound?
  • Taka : Yeah. The guitar riff was the best. I did feel that he'd been carefully thinking over the riff to get the vibe. Of course there might've been some part that he couldn't get rid. But even when we wrote the song together in US, there was time when we felt, "Ah, here it's changed". That (change) became his strong point. Now, in a good meaning, I can trust him more. I think he should keep improving. As for Ryota, I can feel that he's got enthusiastic as a person.
  • Interviewer : Ah is that so.
  • Taka : His response became a bit appreciable (in words). Like he could properly answer the interview LOL
  • Interviewer : Whoah, that's good.
  • Taka : Just a bit, though LOL He's really got the confident, answering like an artist (public figure). Talking about Tomoya, I could feel that he went to more great places.
  • Interviewer : Isn't it natural for him?
  • Taka : Yeah. He ended up coming to a place that would make us worried without saying anything. That's why his personal stuff was what bugged me more.
  • Interviewer : What's that lol
  • Taka : I was worried that he might've gone down the wrong path.
  • Interviewer : Since private life isn't something you can always watch over, lol
  • Taka : You get it right. But it seems turned out pretty good for each of them.
  • ...
  • ...
  • *I'm not really sure about the translation on first part of Tomoya. I wonder if "さらにすごいところに行ってる" tells about "place he went to" or "his skill". Here I translated it "he went to more great places". Any mistake is mine.

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Taka looks like a serial killer forcing his hostage to say his last words /repost

Taka looks like a serial killer forcing his hostage to say his last words /repost

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Official Japanese and English character posters for Kenshin, Kaoru, Sanosuke, Saitou, Aoshi, Soujiro, and Shishio ^^x

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